Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coffee-tech/brioso Home Coffee Roaster (Motorized Version)

Coffee-tech/brioso Home Coffee Roaster (Motorized Version)The most exciting micro roasting machine for pros and aficionados. The spherical copper drum gets so close the open flame, that it will challenge your senses and artisan skills. Due to the high conductivity of the copper, and the minimal thermal accumulation, this roaster behaves -and feels- like driving a Formula 1 racing car. FZ-RR 700 was designed by our top engineers to deliver an exciting, true, "cult" tool. A must-have collectible item for coffee passionates. Get it now! FZ-RR 700 is available in two versions: manual and motorized (12V).

PLEASE WATCH our (home roaster operation) VIDEO before purchasing:

Price: $599.00

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