Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coffee Roaster Drum for BBQ Grills - 5 Lb. Capacity

Coffee Roaster Drum for BBQ Grills - 5 Lb. CapacityWhy purchase an expensive Coffee Roaster when you can buy this extremely easy to use and very inexpensive Coffee Roaster Drum to roast coffee beans with your Home Outdoor BBQ unit. Roasts up to 5 Pounds of Green Coffee Beans, as much as many Commercial Units!

This Coffee Roaster Drum comes fully assembled and ready to go! Fits inside of your Home Barbeque unit and attaches to your existing Rotisserie unit (we custom fit the drum to your current rotisserie rod). Complete operating and roasting instructions included, along with 1/2 cup unroasted green coffee beans to start you off! Can easily roast up to 5 pounds of coffee at a time, much more than other more expensive units. Sturdy 100% aluminum quality construction.


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