Tuesday, November 23, 2010

America's perception of the "gourmet" coffee

Coffee is the second most highly traded commodity in the world next to oil. There is a huge industry involve many actors in the supply chain-producers and farmers, the processing mills, exporters and importers, small batch roasters, coffee houses and large commercial roaster, Cafés--all who do their part to coffee for you, to bring the final consumer.

Take a walk down the coffee aisle of a grocery store and read the labels. Find a word dominates the label rhetoric: "Gourmet." Gourmet, is such an overused term. By definition it implies rare, expensive, high-quality or at least demanding in some form of its preparation and service.Unfortunately on the coffee doesn't seem most Americans considering anzuwenden.Wenn drink on a daily basis, how big the coffee industry is how much of what is marketed as gourmet gourmet coffee really be considered?

Sad to say, it is estimated that only 10 percent has the coffee is sold on the global market of excellent quality.Importance, the coffee is sold 90% poor are satisfactory quality angesehen.Dass case, is it hard to believe, that show and claimed range labels on the shelves, delicious, gourmet coffee. In fact, the reality that you are selling much more likely is coffee beans are the exact opposite of high quality.

Consider, for example, ever applauds dark roast.The influential marketing gurus on roasting companies have somehow managed to convince that dark Röstkaffee meets gourmet coffee the masses. Not necessarily wahr.zwar there are some special coffees that wonderfully dark as one roast taste, is there a reason today most coffee is roasted so dark.It is precisely because of their low Qualität.Dunkle roasting a multitude of sins, including every taste covers defects.

And then it has flavored coffee-a low quality bean disguised as gourmet coffee.Why use you high-quality beans for flavored coffee expensive, because the natural flavors are never are recognized vanilla or hazelnut about the additional flavors of Irish cream, French.

Although marketing says otherwise, coffee, which in fact is gourmet never should require extensive roasting.Similar to how crickets, a large coffee often as rare, medium or in coffee is terms, mild a steak or medium taste.Of course depends on the actual ease the roast of your personal Geschmack.Ein light roast shows that the roaster trust in the quality of the beans hat.Und for true connoisseurs of coffee, is what you should be looking for.

--Denver is founder, and currently head roaster Café Avion, a roasting based in Coeur D?Alene, Idaho, that small batch roasting exclusively organic and fair trade coffee specialized. ?There?s a whole world of coffee out (literally) and so many natural aromas to experience Don?t settle for mediocre Sachen.Je darker roast, the less likely You?ll experience that the subtle apricot in a large Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, or Blueberry notes in a wonderful Harrar or the earthy flavors notes about a large Sumatra Mandheling matured. ? adds Wilkinson: ?I?m on a personal mission to ? undo the myth of the dark roast.