Sunday, October 24, 2010

Freshroast SR500 with 5 Lbs Organic Green Coffee

Freshroast SR500 with 5 Lbs Organic Green CoffeeThe long awaited new model coffee roaster from Freshbeans has double the capacity of the Freshroast Plus 8 model- up to 120 grams or or about a quarter of a pound per roast cycle. Some other design improvements include a digital timer, a better chaff collecting basket, and the roasting jar has an improved base that will not overheat with dark roasts, which caused problems with warping in the previous model. The SR series roasters are quiet so you can hear the crackling of the beans, and the small chamber and fan make this one of the more energy efficient coffee roasters on the market.

The SR500 has 2 additional features which give the user a great deal of control over the roast cycle. With the adjustable fan speed control you can speed up the fan speed for heavier, more dense coffee, to make sure the beans are agitated enough to roast evenly. For green beans with less moisture content, a lower fan speed will keep the temperature high. The fan speed can be adjusted at any time during the cycle. We really like the ability to start a cycle with the fan set to high to dry out the beans. As the coffee loses water and becomes lighter during the roast cycle, turning the fan speed down will allow the roast chamber to retain more heat, speeding up the roasting time- a good feature to prevent over baking really dark roasts. The SR500 also has three temperature settings that can be adjusted any time during the roasting process:

High temp. = 490 degrees
Medium temp. = 455 degrees
Low temp. = 390 degrees

When you purchase this roaster from us, we include a 5 pound sampler of organic and Fair Trade green coffee beans- a $27 value.

Price: $159.99

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